Leases form the foundation and root of every commercial property management liaison with tenants. Ambiguity can result in conflicts so an official contract can help spell out all aspects of the agreement up front. This enables everyone to be aware of who is accountable for what, and how to navigate any issues that could arise. 

A lease management software and real estate data analytics assist in removing the difficulties involved in handling your real estate leases. Maintaining tabs on all leasing agreements within a varied portfolio can be an intimidating challenge. Firms also need to make sure that adhere to all the new leasing regulations that are put up by government officials from time to time. The majority of the real estate companies must divulge the impact of their present and future leasing agreements in their financial statements. 

At CRE Matrix, our product CRE Lease Matrix is India’s first all-encompassing data platform that helps in delivering the user with an end-to-end solution for managing their leases via a comprehensive and cutting-edge lease administrative platform. It not only arranges the lease data in a sequenced and process-driven approach but also makes sure that the data is effectively utilized to alleviate operations risks, recognize opportunities, and aim in propelling decision-based on intelligent data insights. 

Let’s take a look at why CRE Lease Matrix is an absolute must-have for every leasing manager:

Gather & Organize Lease Documents 

CRE Lease Matrix application helps amass lease documents such as Commercial Approvals, Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, Agreements & Addendums, and so forth from the client. Then, they arrange these documents in an indexed manner for a quicker and more precise – assessment and retrieval. 

One-Stop Solution 

The lease management system abstracts the lease data from the indexed documents. Then, input the data in a step-wise and segment-wise technique for easier understanding and better representation. In a nutshell, the application can effectively abstract lease data of any nature and commercial combination of any kind. 


Assure data accuracy of the abstracted lease documents with the maker-checker procedure (approval workflow). 

Assess Data through Reports 

It is easy to evaluate and study the abstracted lease data because a pre-defined set of reports are integrated into the platform. This provides the user with an all-encompassing tool to review the data. Numerous filter selections and user success mapping facilitate the user to view categorized lease data. 


Develop and incorporate as many properties/leases as you would like and handle them all in a single centralized platform. 

Search Data with Simulation & Alerts

Abstracted lease data will aid the user to look for significant metrics such as Critical Dates, Escalations, KPIs, and Portfolio Summary more smoothly. Forecasts and budgeting of lease expenditures/revenues are now easier thanks to pre-built formats that assist users to avert working in silos and have centralized reference sources. 

Digital Documentation

Avail lease documents in a digitized mode with simply a click. There will be no need for users to have scanned copies in common folders or network drives or even store them on separate digital file maintenance software. 

The user need not go through the trouble of scrolling through the entire documents as important clauses will be indexed to the pages from the reference documents.

Easily Accessible

You can access the web on any device at any time. 


The platform is built with several state-of-the-art security measures to make sure that your lease data is completely in safe hands.


The application is equally useful and efficient whether the user is a landlord or an occupier. 


Users can acquire effective help and responses to their queries through numerous channels that are available for support. 

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