Woman Paying at Retail Store

The retail industry has witnessed enormous surges and development in the last decade and is one of the most powerful sectors in the Indian market. As per Business Today, it is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2030, from $0.8 trillion in 2020, thereby demonstrating the robust consumption power of more than a billion Indian consumers, as they journey upwards in the income pyramid. 

Just like any other industry, the retail sector was among the worst hit, internationally as well as in India, thanks to the pandemic, but is slowly but surely bouncing back. One of the challenges faced by the retail brands, amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic, is to boost profitability while generating value via lease restructuring and management. 

The procedure of lease administration has evolved from a mere supporting role to playing a far more strategic part. Efficient lease administration can enable better data management that will lead to making better-informed decisions, resulting in profit for both tenants as well as landlords. However, it is vital to choose the right lease management software India to handle this complicated process effectively. This is where CRE Lease Matrix comes into the picture. 

Hailing from CRE Matrix, our product CRE Lease Matrix is India’s most evolved lease administration platform. This software can help retail brands manage their leases effectively by applying a systematic and scientific approach. 

Let us look at 10 ways CRE Lease Matrix can assist retail brands:

1. One-Stop Solution 

Retail brands can seamlessly manage all their leases in one roof as data of any kind, as well as the commercial combination, can be successfully abstracted in the software. To elaborate, CRE Lease Matrix can extract the lease data from the indexed documents and then enter the data in a step-wise and segment-wise manner for better understanding and improved representation. 

2. Collect & Collate Lease Documents 

The commercial lease administration softwareaids in gathering lease documents including Commercial Approvals, Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, Agreements & Addendums, and so forth from the client. Later, they organize these documents by indexing them for a faster and more accurate – evaluation and retrieval. 

3. Legitimacy 

Data accuracy can be achieved by abstracting lease data from lease documents by making use of the maker-checker approach (approval workflow).

4. Scalability

Retail companies can generate or enter as many properties/leases as they need and manage all of them in one centralized platform. 

5. Evaluate Data through Reports 

Studying the abstracted lease data and assessing them is effortless thanks to the pre-defined set of reports that are incorporated into the retail lease management software. This offers retail companies a comprehensive tool to assess the data. 

6. Seek Data with Alerts & Simulations 

The abstracted lease data will help retail brands to scroll through vital metrics including Critical Dates, Escalations, KPIs, and Portfolio Summary seamlessly. Forecasts and budgeting of lease expenses/revenues are now simpler owing to pre-built formats that aid users to avoid operating in silos and have consolidated reference sources. 

7. Digital Documentation Library 

Lease documents are available in digitized matter with just a click. There is no need for retail companies to save documents in common/shared network folders or separate file maintenance software. Moreover, retail brands need not go through the hassle of perusing the complete document as vital clauses will be indexed to the pages from the reference documents.

8. Adaptable & Easily Accessible

CRE Lease Matrix is the best lease management software since it is extremely efficient and works irrespective of whether the retail company is a landlord or a tenant. Moreover, the brands can access the software on any device at any time. 

9. Security 

The platform is created with numerous cutting-edge and industry-standard security measures that guarantee the safety of the lease data. 

10. Support Channels 

There are numerous support channels available in CRE Lease Matrix that can help and respond to any query posed by the retail companies that will aid in the smooth management of all their leases. 

CRE Lease Matrix is truly the One-Stop Solution for all retail brands looking to effectively manage their leases. Mitigate the challenges of having too many spreadsheets through this lease management software by having one centralized source.

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