The education industry in India has demonstrated its ability to function effectively in a dynamic environment. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant hurdle, persistently examining the resilience of every facet of the sector. A school becoming successful can result in the expansion of the same network, necessitating the simultaneous management of multiple leases, a task that can prove to be highly demanding.

Let’s explore how the Indian education sector can leverage lease administration services to its advantage:

Compile and Organize Lease Documents

Collect lease-related documents, including Commercial Approvals, Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, Agreements, and Addendums, either in digital format or as hard copies, from the client. Arrange these documents in a structured and indexed manner for efficient access and retrieval.

Abstract Lease Information

After gathering the lease data from the organized documents, abstract it into a proprietary application to enhance platform navigation. Enter the lease data in a systematic and segmented manner to ensure clarity and accuracy. Implement a maker-checker process to verify the accuracy of the abstracted data.

Evaluate Data through Reports

Integrate a predefined set of reports into the lease administration platform, providing users with a comprehensive tool to review the abstracted lease data. Multiple filtering options and user-specific mapping enable categorized lease data viewing.


Users can effortlessly add and manage numerous properties/leases within the lease management platform. For instance, if a school has multiple chains, all leases can be centrally managed under a single platform using lease administration software.

Digitalize: Digital Documentation

In a robust lease administration platform, lease documents become readily accessible in digital format with a simple click. There is no need to store scanned copies in shared folders, network drives, or different digital file management software. Important clauses are indexed to specific pages for quick reference, eliminating the need to go through the entire document.

Reminder for Key Dates:

Critical lease administration involves the meticulous tracking of essential details to avoid missing important deadlines. Lease administration services offer notifications to ensure that critical lease-related deadlines are not overlooked, potentially leading to significant cost savings.


A significant advantage of lease administration services is their effectiveness and utility for both occupiers and landlords.

State-of-the-Art Security Measures

The education sector requires top-notch security for their lease data. Lease administration services can deliver state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard lease data effectively.

In summary, a high-quality lease administration services can provide substantial benefits to educational sector. CRE Lease Matrix stands out as a robust lease administration tool that can serve as a leading solution for educational sector nationwide.

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