How It Works

Your lease will be CARED by CRE Lease Matrix!

In a Planned, time defined & scientific approach






Collect & Collate Lease Documents

Collect lease documents like Commercial Approvals,Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, Agreemants & Addendums etc. from the client either in hard copies or digital format

Collate these documents in and indexed manner for a faster accurate - access and retrieval

Abstract Lease Data

Lease data from the indexed documents is abstracted into the proprietary application by the CRE Lease Matrix team

This lease data will be entered in a stepwise & segment-wise manner for better understanding & proper representation

There will be a maker-checker process to ensure the correctness of the data abstracted

Review Data through Reports

Lease data entered in a stepwise & segment-wise manner will ensure in better understanding & unique representation when it is reviewed by the user

A pre-defined set of reports are incorporated in the application giving the user a comprehensive tool to analyse the abstracted lease data

Multiple filter selections and user success mapping enables categorised lease data being viewed

Explore Data with Simulations & Alerts

Lease data abstracted will help the user explore important metrics like Critical Dates, Escalations, KPIs & Portfolio Summary more seamlessly and without much dig down

important aspects that need to be monitored can be configured as periodic alerts by the user

Forecasts and Budgeting of lease expenses/revenues made easy with pre-built formats to help users avoid working in silos and have centralised reference source

Digitise: Digital Documentation

Lease documents will be available in a digitized manner with the ease of just a click

No need to have scanned copies in common folders/network drives or a separate digital file maintenance software.

Critical clauses will be indexed to the pages from the reference documents nence empowering the user for a quick view without the hassle of going through the complete document.

Why Lease Matrix?

Fast, Reliable & Insightful Access

to your Lease Data

CRE Lease Matrix, a product by CRE Matrix is India's first evolved big data platform that provides the user with an end to end solution for managing their

Leases through an exhaustive and most evolved Lease Administration Platform

It enables users to levearage the feature-rich, user friendly and streamlined and SAAS approach

It not only organises the lease Data in a sequenced & process driven manner but also ensures that the Lease Data is efficiently used to mitigate operational risks, identify opportunities and help drive decision based on intelligent Data insights

Our Benefits

One-Stop Solution

Lease data of any nature and the commercial combination can be abstracted efficiently in the application.

Digital Documentation Library

No more saving documents in common/shared network folders or a separate file maintenance software.


Lease data abstraction from lease documents with maker checker approach (approval workflow) for data accuracy.


Enhanced with multiple industry-leading security measures to ensure the safety and security of your lease data.


Create/Add as many properties/leases as you want and manage them all in one centralized application.


Equally efficient and useful whether you are an Occupler or Landlord. Personalized reports, dashboards and notifications keep you up to date on the critical KPIs of your lease portfolio.

Ease of Access

Available 24*7 via the web-on any device.


Get fast help and answers to your queries through multiple channels

Who We Serve


Lease Matrix helps manage your real estate growth. From expansion to keeping a track of their performance


The retail industry is boundless; from grocery bazaars to luxury fashion, with Lease Matrix gets things streamlined


With proper data and analytics, manage your assets/lease and operation with just few clicks


Helps bankers manage to track deals, collaborate with clients, and close more lease agreements.