Nowadays, real estate companies are gradually adopting the process of lease abstraction that let them recapitulate important business, legal and financial terms and conditions. A quick summary of important lease provisions makes it effortless to locate and access information according to business requirements. However, the volume and complexities of commercial real estate leases can make the abstraction process a logistical nightmare, thereby making it less successful and disposed to human errors. 

Lease abstraction needs a rigorous, expert, and careful approach to make sure you get an authentic lease abstraction. A single error or inaccurate extraction could negatively harm the outsourcing lease abstraction to third-party service providers. Outsourcing lets you gain access to professionals at a lesser expense and also insulates you against inaccuracies/mistakes in abstraction. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of outsourcing lease abstraction service:

Optimum Resource Utilization

When you outsource lease abstraction service, it can help free up the time of your in-house employees who can use these hours for more essential tasks as well as utilizing them for exploring other business growth opportunities. CRE Lease Matrix is a robust lease management platform that offers lease abstraction service and uploads them in an easy-to-read format effortlessly and quickly. 

Extremely Cost-Effective 

Lease abstraction requires skill, efficiency, and dedication. Managing such a challenging and time-consuming job in-house can be pricey, including the time and expenses required to source to train and staff. Moreover, it may not ensure timelessness and accuracy despite the training and investment. But if you outsource lease abstraction, not only does it reduce the workload but also provides flexibility and scalability, that too at a much more viable and less expensive cost. 

Fast Turnaround Time 

When you opt to outsource lease abstraction service, not only is it cost-effective but you also gain and quick turnaround time. Since lease abstraction is part of their core service, they are quite efficient in managing challenging and voluminous projects in a short timeline while making sure of comprehensive and authentic delivery.

Effective Lease Portfolio Management 

Streamlined and compliant engagement with occupants and lease management needs assessment of leases to make sure compliance to – termination clause, security and maintenance terms and other such details according to a contractual obligation. A robust software can help extract, standardize, as well as consolidate hard-to-find and complex lease data accurately as well as swiftly. They convert the details into easy-to-read formats, thereby making it way effortless to assess terms, evaluate risk/information and make sure of necessary planning and action, leading to quick and successful lease management. 

In a nutshell, companies would benefit from using CRE Lease Matrix. It is a comprehensive and all-encompassing lease management platform that offers lease abstraction as one of its features. It also helps manage multiple leases simultaneously and offers transparent, authentic and secure data. 

By outsourcing lease abstraction service, firms would gain from the above-mentioned benefits. This is why CRE Lease Matrix would prove to be immensely useful to companies across all sectors in India and is one of the leading solutions for lease management in India. 

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