Using technology to manage leases is a phenomenon increasing with each passing year. Fortunately, we are looking at more and more companies beginning to adopt tech solutions that streamline the complicated process of lease management. 

This is where all-encompassing and robust software such as CRE Lease Matrix enters the picture. It is a fantastic tool that comes with all the features to successfully streamline your leases and manage them under a centralized platform. 

Here are a couple of ways technology can play a big role in streamlining your leases: 

Lease Data Abstraction 

Lease documents such as commercial approvals, letter of intent, term sheet, agreements & addendums are collected from the client. They are then arranged in an indexed manner for swifter access as well as retrieval. The lease data from the indexed documents are abstracted into CRE Lease Matrix. They will then be entered into a step-wise & segment-wise manner that can help users to understand the data better. 

Data Accuracy 

It is vital for data to be accurate & authentic. With spreadsheets, there is a lot of room and scope for human error. Inaccurate data can lead to bad decisions that can ultimately harm the bottom line of a business. We don’t have to worry about incorrect data when using the CRE Lease Matrix platform. This robust lease management system ensures the correctness of the data abstracted by implementing a maker-checker process. 

Evaluate Data via Reports 

Since the lease data is entered in a stepwise and segment-wise manner, it will be easier to understand and have a better representation and display when it is perused by the user. A pre-defined set of reports are integrated into CRE Lease Matrix, thereby allowing the user an all-encompassing tool to evaluate the abstracted lease data. A number of filter selections and user success mapping facilitate the ability to view categorized lease data in this lease management software India

Explore Data with Simulations & Alerts 

Lease data abstracted will assist the user to explore significant metrics such as critical dates, escalations, KPIs & Portfolio Summary in a more seamless manner and without having to dig down further. Thanks to technology enabled by the CRE Lease Matrix system, reminders & notifications for critical date alerts prove to be incredibly useful. Moreover, data analytics allows for forecasting & budgeting of leases expense/revenues. They are made easy thanks to pre-built formats to aid users to avert working in silos and have a centralized reference source. 

Digital Documentation 

Now, you don’t have to waste a lot of time sifting through a number of files & folders looking for specific lease data. Thanks to digital documentation, CRE Lease Matrix allows lease documents to be available in a digitized manner with simply a click. Moreover, critical clauses will be indexed to the pages from the reference documents, thereby empowering the user to glance at it without the trouble of going through the entire document. This is why CRE Lease Matrix is the top lease administration software in India

In a nutshell, CRE lease Matrix is the best tech solution for leasing concerns thanks to its wide array of features that are capable of streamlining your leases and managing them in the most optimum way possible. 

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