Lease management is a challenging job. Also referred to as lease administration, it is the day-to-day execution of tasks that is connected to a company’s lease portfolio. It comprises reporting, managing documents, collaborating between stakeholders, and a host of other administrative duties. 

One of the major aspects of lease management is the lease abstract. It is essentially the process of collecting the important details of a lease and displaying them in an easily readable format. 

A lease abstract includes information such as a serial number of addresses, details on points of contact, financial information, and other relevant data that stakeholders will want to access and retrieve. Apart from the abstract, leasing data needs to be inventoried in a specific format for easy reporting, which can be done with the help of lease administration software

Dashboards in Lease Management Platform

Apart from lease abstraction, one of the many aspects of a lease management system is also making use of state-of-the-art data dashboards. Lease managers have their hands full considering the enormous amount of data they have to deal with every day. Managing and displaying all this data that can be understood by the user can be incredibly challenging. 

What Does a Dashboard Do?

How can a cutting-edge dashboard be incredibly helpful?

  • It can deliver up-to-date information and context to assist business decisions and bolster stakeholders. 
  • It can compare and analyze data based on the information available in the database. 
  • Dashboards can make the information easy to read and understand by placing the available data into graphs and charts. 
  • It can be great for comparing several brands with each other. This can enable businesses to understand their standing in the market as well as observe what their competitors are performing. 
  • It can compare data from several years. If you’re into real estate, you will get a glimpse of whether the rents have increased or decreased each year. 

Benefits of Dashboards in Lease Management Software

Dashboards deliver quick, easy data visibility which can help improve your business right away. Here are some benefits that you will gain by using dashboards. 

Performance Measurement 

Dashboards can showcase data from multiple brands at the same time. They can display comparison charts that let businesses understand their position in the market and also comprehend the performance of their competitors. This can help them come up with better strategies to grow their company. 

Data Transparency & Accessibility

Dashboards have the ability to showcase various types of data at the same time. It displays key metrics and insights in a way that’s easy and simple enough for everyone to comprehend. With the easy-to-read format, it is effortless to analyze and evaluate data that can empower you to help the business develop.


If you embed predictive analytics, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in your dashboard, it can become a strong tool to shape the future of your company. Dashboards, particularly those powered by AI, assist you to compare historical data to comprehend trajectory as well as come up with more accurate sale forecasts and help departments decide the correct path forward to achieve their objectives. 

In a nutshell, dashboards can play a major role in comparing and displaying data that will be immensely beneficial to stakeholders across various sectors in India. 

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