The time spent tracking and managing lease documents is a time-consuming experience. Without automated or standardized document management processes in place, staff ends up spending a lot of time looking for lease documents and supporting materials, thereby leaving them not able to effectively negotiate leases or concentrate more on building better business strategies. Moreover, regulations looking at more strict compliance with industry rules make it even more complicated; non-compliance can frequently lead to failed audits and fines. 

This is one of the many reasons why automation for lease documents can play a huge role in successfully managing leases. 

CRE Lease Matrix, powered by CRE Matrix, is robust and all-encompassing lease management software that helps in lease documentation which, in turn, enables us to effectively manage leases

Let’s look at how CRE Lease Matrix helps in lease documentation:

Gather & Collate Lease Documents:

Gather lease documents such as commercial, approvals, letters of intent, term sheets, agreements & addendums etc., from the client either in hard copies or digital format. These documents are collected and indexed – so they can be accessed and retrieved faster. 

Abstract Lease Data

After collecting and collating them, lease data from these indexed documents are abstracted and fed into the leasing platform by the CRE Lease Matrix team. This lease data will then be entered into a stepwise & segment-wise approach for better understanding & proper representation. To make sure the accuracy of the data, the platform implements a maker-checker approach. This is why CRE Lease Matrix is a top lease management software. It is a one-stop solution as lease data of any nature can be abstracted efficiently in the platform. 

Digital Documentation

Lease documents will be available in a digitized manner with just a click. Now, you don’t have to have scanned copies in common folders/network drives or separate digital file maintenance software. If you wish to look for a particular lease, you don’t have to waste time looking in various files and folders. You will find them in the same place. Therefore, you can empower the user for a quick view without going through the hassle of scrolling through the entire document. 

Exploring Data with Simulations & Alerts 

Lease documentation and abstracted lease data will help the user look at vital metrics such as critical dates, escalations, KPIs, etc. more smoothly and without having to dig down much. Vital aspects that need to be monitored can be configured as periodic alerts by the user. Forecasting & budgeting of lease expenses/revenues are made easy thanks to pre-built formats to help users avert working in silos and have centralized reference sources. 

In a nutshell, CRE Lease Matrix is truly the best leasing solution for businesses across sectors in India as lease documentation is a big part of their lease management process. Thanks to this procedure, managing multiple leases at the same time is quite seamless. 

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