A number of organizations make use of spreadsheets to manage their lease data. But, over time, as businesses develop and their lease portfolio increase with them, spreadsheets cannot be regarded as the most feasible choice. 

There are numerous issues that you encounter if you make use of Excel and Google sheets for facilitating optimal lease management. Get rid of the problems that you face with spreadsheets but use smart and all-encompassing lease management software such as CRE Lease Matrix, a product of CRE Matrix. 

Here are 5 reasons why using a robust lease administration system to manage all your leasing concerns is better than using spreadsheets:

1.Too Much Data to Keep Up-to-Date 

In Spreadsheets, changing the monthly rent of a unit can lead to editing many files and sheets. This is doable if you only have to manage 1 or 2 units, but if you have to update 100 or more units to update, you will not have the time to do anything else. However, if you use a superior lease management platform, any change made is applied across the complete platform, so you can swiftly move on to the next task. 

2.Managing Lease Data on the Go 

It is tough to scroll through dozens of rows and columns of spreadsheets from your mobile screen. On the other hand, good lease administration software can be accessed on any device 24/7. All you need is a robust internet connection.  


Too many spreadsheets storing critical data will not only be difficult to manage but also lead to a lot of confusion. It will cause security issues as well. This is why it is beneficial to invest in an all-encompassing leasing software system

When you keep all your sensitive data in one secure location, accessing, arranging, and managing vital information becomes extremely easy. You don’t have to waste time looking through complex file systems and shared drives when attempting to seek a particular spreadsheet. CRE Lease Matrix offers great search and filtration options that help reduce time wasted on searching and processing data. 

4.Improved Productivity

Having a platform that is specifically designed for robust lease management will facilitate businesses to focus on their core work as compared to setting up spreadsheets, learning formulas, and arranging complex worksheets. The ease of navigating such software motivates organizations to set up more efficient workflows that will save on resources and time-frames as the majority of these processes are automated. 

5.Specifically Designed for Lease Management 

Excel was developed as a one-size-fits-all business solution that can handle several tasks. However, it’s this diversity that restricts the platform and makes it inadequate for tasks that are more specific in nature, like managing a lot of data concerning leases. 

Lease tracking and reporting can be a complex task and lease terminations could be overlooked and missed. Making use of a more effective, and comprehensive platform for managing your leases could prove to be invaluable and help in enhancing business efficiencies. It will be an excellent time-saver as the number of hours wasted on maintaining numerous complex spreadsheets will be greatly reduced. 

Now, you can mitigate the challenges posed by spreadsheets by replacing them with CRE Lease Matrix – India’s Best Lease Management Software. It is truly the One-Stop solution for all businesses looking to efficiently manage their leases. 

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