The lease management market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years, especially post Covid-19. This has led to increased responsibilities of a leasing manager in India.

As a leasing manager, one needs to have strong communication skills as the professional will be the leasing spokesperson for the company. The individual should be highly skilled in organizational abilities and have a results-driven approach. When you’re a leasing manager, you’re required to respond to all questions of the lessor as this is the main task for this position. You would be tasked to negotiate with the clients and continue to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them. 

Apart from other duties and responsibilities, a leasing manager would also be tasked with managing multiple leases at the same time. It is a common practice to use spreadsheets to enter crucial leasing data and store them in multiple files. But it has been observed that it often leaves room for human error that can eventually affect the bottom line. 

But using an automated platform such as CRE Lease Matrix can help ease the burden of leasing managers and also eliminate the scope of inaccurate data. 

Here are 5 ways CRE Lease Matrix can aid lease managers to effectively implement lease administration: 


CRE Lease Matrix system provides the option of adding and creating as many leases as you want. Now you don’t have to store critical leasing data in a number of files and folders. You can access them all under one centralized platform. So, leasing managers working for companies that have multiple leases can benefit from this feature offered by CRE Lease Matrix. 

Cutting-Edge Security Measures 

CRE Lease Matrix offers state-of-the-art and industry-leading security measures to ensure that your lease data is completely in safe hands. Now, leasing managers don’t have to worry that the data is at risk of getting stolen. 

Data Accuracy 

It is extremely vital that the data used is accurate and authentic. Using incorrect data can lead to financial losses and affect the bottom line in a major way. CRE Lease Matrix is truly the finest leasing solution for businesses since it ensures data accuracy through a maker checker approach. 


CRE Lease Matrix is equally efficient and works whether it is used by an occupier or landlord. It is the best solution for leasing since it is flexible and works efficiently, regardless of who uses the platform and moulds itself accordingly. 

Ease of Access 

Why is CRE Lease Matrix a top lease administration platform? You have the ability to access the robust software at any time and on any device 24×7. You can use it on the go. All you need is a good internet connection. 

In a nutshell, CRE Lease Matrix can help leasing managers implement lease administration in a number of ways in India. These reasons make this automated platform the best leasing solution for industries across sectors in India. 

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