Until recently, a number of companies all over the world did not pay much heed to lease management beyond paying their bills. Leases were generally regarded as one of the expenditures of conducting a business. But that has changed, as nowadays, lease management has become a significant practice that plays a part in financial reporting and influencing the bottom line. 

What is Lease Management?

Lease management India means keeping track of and optimizing every fact of the company’s portfolio of leased assets. If you manage leases effectively then it can help the company to significantly decrease the expenditures connected to leasing. A coordinated collaboration is needed between several teams for robust lease management to perform these tasks effectively. 

Adding the value of the entire lease portfolio can prove to make a massive impact on the outcome of the financial reports. This also means that the risks connected to poor lease management and lease decisions are augmented. Therefore, financial heads need to take care to cautiously evaluate and manage leasing decisions, expenditures, and administration practices. 

Lease Management Software 

The general practice was to use spreadsheets to effectively manage leases. But a lot of businesses, nowadays, are trying out lease management software. It plays a role in successfully rid of the complexities involved in managing your real estate leases. It is daunting to keep tabs on each and every leasing contract. 

Companies also need to make sure that they comply with all the leasing regulations that are set by the government from time to time. Majorities of real estate firms are expected to disclose the effect of their present and future lease contracts in their financial statements. 

Top Lease Management Software Features that can Help Businesses 

Explore Data with Simulation & Alerts

CRE Lease Matrix, powered by CRE Matrix, can help you explore data effectively. After abstracting significant leasing data, it can use that to help the user explore vital metrics such as critical dates, KP1s, portfolio summary, and much more smoothly and without having much to scroll down. These important aspects that need to be supervised can be configured as periodic alerts by the users. 

Digital Documentation 

All your lease documents and data will be available to you in a digitized manner with simply a click. You don’t need to have scanned copies in common folders/network drives. The data can be accessed thanks to the centralized source of the lease management system

Moreover, critical clauses will be indexed to the pages from the reference documents, thereby motivating the user for a quick glance without going through the trouble of scrolling through the entire document. 


Why is CRE Lease Matrix the best leasing solution for businesses? A big company would have to manage a number of leases. Thanks to this software, you can create/add as many properties or leases as you want and can manage them all quite easily with one centralized application. 

In a nutshell, these are 3 top features of the CRE Lease Matrix platform that can effectively help your business. 

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