Lease management has become a vital aspect of all businesses. The evolution of lease management software for commercial tenants can help in providing fantastic business benefits. 

Why are more and more people switching to CRE Lease Matrix platform, a robust leasing solution for business? The correct lease management system offers automated alerts, customized reporting, document management, and the creation of one centralized source for all your lease data. 

But there are still those who are apprehensive about switching to software after using spreadsheets for years to manage lease data. 

Here are a couple of misconceptions that people have about using a lease administration platform

  • “Importing all the leasing data will take up too much time” 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that businesses have when it comes to the possibility of switching over to a lease management system from spreadsheets. You might feel that assembling all your lease/property data and then later transferring it to the new platform will take up too much time and will be more trouble than it is worth. 

It can take up some time to arrange disorganized or fragmented data. But once you have managed to get a good handle on your data, then the process of migrating it to the correct system will not take up much time and be faster than you expect. A professional system such as CRE Lease Matrix will ease the transformation of your data; will facilitate data transfer in just a matter of days. 

  • “It will be extremely tough to understand how to operate a new system”

It’s human nature to be in our comfort zone and not extend ourselves to trying something new, even if it’s robust and all-encompassing lease management software that can help in easing your work. 

Transferring your data to a lease management system such as CRE Lease Matrix can lead to a simpler and more streamlined experience. In order to get people to feel comfortable enough to switch to a new platform, the software needs to be designed to be user-friendly, so it’s quick and simple to learn. 

  • “My requirements are too niche”

The finest software solutions in the industry provide the essential functionality, are proved to be reputed over several years, can be executed instantly, and deliver the much-needed configurations to back all consumers and the specific requirements of the business. 

CRE Lease Matrix caters to every requirement when it comes to providing leasing solutions for various industries and businesses. So, if your leasing needs are niche, then it will be taken care of in this specific lease management software India.

  • “My current system is already difficult. I don’t want to learn another one”

If you’re using spreadsheets to manage your leases, you already have to spend a lot of time managing all the leases simultaneously. You would have to spend a significant amount of time searching for the specific lease you want as you would have to go through many files and folders to locate the right one. 

This might deter you to switch over to a new platform as you might think a new software will be just as complicated. But with CRE Lease Matrix, you would not have to waste time locating the correct leasing data as they would all be stored under one centralized source. 

To sum up, CRE Lease Matrix is India’s best lease management system as it can truly help in managing all your leases and also help dispel existing misconceptions. 

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