Commercial leasing is considered to be the mainstay of any business which is governed by elaborate contracts. Depending on the size of the company and the sector, these lease agreements differ in type and volume as well as encompass wide-ranging and different features of the contractual business engagement. 

Bearing in the mind the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the commercial lease, law companies that focus on offering leasing solutions play a significant role in making sure that the contractual obligations are met and help in developing robust techniques of lease management India

Given the changing and shifting landscape of commercial leasing, law companies are constantly solidifying their concentration on tenant and landlord representation. They are helping generate specialization across retail leasing, asset management, and others. 

As they continue to do so, they are progressively looking for improved ways to review lease agreements so as to ease the process of analysis and assessment. However, there are leasing problems that are holding back their effort in streamlining the lease abstraction processes. 

Let’s look at three leasing challenges faced by law firms: 

Capacity Management: 

While bigger law companies may be able to establish a dedicated lease management team in-house, it demonstrates a huge financial resource management challenge for medium and small-sized companies. But, given the nature and scale of lease agreements, lease abstraction is becoming a tiring, time-consuming, and pricey process. 

Managing this capacity of work entails dedicated resources who are specialized to read these documents, detect pertinent provisions as per need, and recap in an easy-to-understand format. 

Nowadays you don’t even need human labor for lease abstraction. CRE Lease Matrix is a robust and sound lease administration platform that can help in the same by abstracting significant lease data into the system.

Optimization of Expenses: 

Cost containment continues to be in focus for every industry and company. Lease abstraction is a vital service pertaining to due diligence, asset management, and contract analysis. When it is conducted in-house, seeing as how cumbersome this process is, it wastes precious man-hours, thereby increasing the overall expenditures of transaction and client management. 

Now, you don’t have to use human labor for lease abstraction as CRE Lease Matrix is an all-encompassing lease administration system that can help by indexing lease documents and abstracting them. 

Resource Utilization:

When law companies decide to dedicate some time to managing ancillary services such as lease abstraction, document classification, data management, and other such processes, it leases to poor resource management. It also removes the focus away from the main business issues, thereby affecting the quality of the overall functioning. 

Instead of using human resources for lease abstraction, use CRE Lease Matrix instead which can help solve the many problems of leasing in India by offering a comprehensive and robust lease administration system. 

To sum up, if you want help in lease abstraction, streamlined lease documentation, and managing a number of leases simultaneously, CRE Lease Matrix is powerful lease management software that can be immensely useful. 

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