For tenants and lessees, while it is possible to manage to keep a tab on your leases with an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheets, it becomes increasingly difficult to update yourself with all the lease documents, leasing dates, and vital data. This is particularly true if the amount of leases you have is in double or triple digits. This is where a robust lease management solution such as CRE Lease Matrix comes in. It can help streamline your lease administration processes and enhance your reporting, negotiating, and forecasting abilities. 

Lease management is essential since each contract or agreement comes with its own complexities and intricacies. Managing leases involves routing a contract to pertinent departments, generating a lease abstract, preparing the asset for use, and eventually acquiring it. Someone has to be accountable for implementing the terms of the lease agreement and become a point person for internal stakeholders. Lease management software automates several of those tasks and makes the details you need more accessible. 

Here are a couple of ways tenants can gain from lease management software: 

Avert Financial Consequences with Critical Date Alerts: 

One of the most challenging parts of lease administration is to be updated with critical dates such as possession, commencement, renewals, termination, and so forth. Missing a significant date can lead to interruptions and result in overpayments. 

Without alerts for crucial dates, it’s easy to not remember that a lease comes with rent abatement, not prepare for negations prior to the renewal or miss out on lease stipulations that can help you save money. If any of these situations occur, it’s unlikely that the lessor will point out your mistake. 

This is why CRE Lease Matrix is the preferred leasing solution for tenants since they would help notify and alert you to critical dates and offer you automated alerts before those dates arrive to save money, time, and effort. 

Lease Documents in One Centralized Source: 

The more leases you have, the harder it is to keep a tab on all the contracts, addendums, reports, and memos of all of them. That’s why it’s significant to opt for a lease management system India such as CRE Lease Matrix that can facilitate you to upload and store your lease details, as well as to conduct an easy search to seek the details you need about a specific lease. The software will also let you access and retrieve the lease documents very easily. Your lease administration system needs to be a single source for all documents. This functionality goes a long way in averting errors. 

Enhances your Reporting 

CRE Lease Matrix is a robust lease administration platform India since it has good reporting features that make it simple to retrieve and access lease data. This leasing software for tenants will give you the ability to produce reports based on any attribute you choose such as sq. footage, geography, kind of lease, and so forth. This can help tenants to make informed decisions. 

In a nutshell, these are some of the ways tenants can gain from using CRE Lease Matrix. This is why it is considered to be India’s best lease management system.

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