In the last two years, the globe has been grappling with a major pandemic. It’s safe to say that businesses around the world have suffered. But now, slowly but surely, every industry is bouncing back. Powered by CRE Matrix, CRE Lease Matrix is ready to solve any leasing issues that sectors face in a post-pandemic digitized world.

But before that, let’s delve into how the pandemic has brought about numerous changes in the office. The realization that people can efficiently function remotely has generated re-structured post-pandemic office spaces. This has impacted the real estate strategies of companies and boosted the demand for lease administration software solutions. 

Let’s look at the many ways how to lease management software can essentially be the future of the office:


As the business expands, the leasing manager will be responsible for handling a large portfolio of leases. If they are all stored in spreadsheets and numerous files and folders, a lot of time will be wasted when you search for a specific lease. A robust lease management system India such as CRE Lease Matrix can add and generate as many leases and properties as you want into the system and streamline them all perfectly under one centralized platform. 

Notifies and Alerts Critical Dates 

It is important to keep a tab on all the important leasing dates. If you miss out on one, you could have serious financial consequences. CRE Lease Matrix is the best leasing solution for the office because it notifies and alerts you on all the important and significant dates you would have otherwise forgotten to remember. This is why it is important to make use of lease management software. 

Authentic Data 

Spreadsheets leave room for human error. This is why it is vital to use a platform such as the CRE Lease Matrix system that makes use of the maker checker approach to ensure data accuracy. 

Transaction Management 

The transaction management feature from CRE Lease Matrix allows you to assess and compare LOIs and proposals with high-quality market data. This will help you to negotiate proposals and deals better and give you a leg up over your competitors. 

Customized Rent Rolls 

It is extremely imperative that important details concerning your lease are stored under one roof. But more often than not, key details relating to your lease are usually all over the place with numerous documents and files, resulting in unreliable data. CRE Lease Matrix offers a one-stop solution for offering customized rent rolls and assists in evaluating CAM and other pertinent charges under one roof. 

Indexing Commercial & Legal Clauses 

When businesses have to deal with thousands of clauses across hundreds of leases, it ends up being not only a major pain point but also leaves room for making a huge error. This is where CRE Lease Matrix can help you. It allows you to index all commercial and legal clauses, thereby resulting in a quicker and more accurate – access and retrieval. 

These are some of the reasons why lease administration solutions are considered to be the future of the office. CRE Lease Matrix is India’s best lease management software and is sure to help in the smooth functioning of the office. 

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