Since digitization has become the norm thanks to the global pandemic COVID-19, robust lease management system such as CRE Lease Matrix can immensely help in de-cluttering your CRE information and streamlining it in a structured platform. 

Before we move further, let us talk a little bit more about how digitization has been widely adopted in businesses this year. The digital transformation has helped in enhancing customer service and experience. 

Some of the benefits of digital adoption are the enhanced customer service and experience increased efficiency of the team and productivity, improved inventory management, enhanced equipment rental planning, and a lift in the quality of position tracking. This is why businesses have widely opted for digitization. 

Now, let us take a look at some of the ways a superior lease management platform India like CRE Lease Matrix can de-clutter your CRE Information with the help of digitization: 

Digital Documentation 

If you have a large business, your company’s leasing manager would have to manage several leases simultaneously. If they are digitized under a singular source, it can make things easy for you. With the CRE Lease Matrix platform, the lease documents are available to you in a digitized manner with simply a click. 

Now, you don’t need to have scanned copies in common folders/network drives or have separate digital file maintenance software. Critical clauses can be indexed to the pages from the reference documents, thereby boosting the user to get a quick view without going through the trouble of perusing the complete document. 

Notify Crucial Dates & Clauses 

If you miss out on crucial dates on leases, it can often lead to financial consequences. If you end up letting a termination option pass, it could lock you into a lease that is not suitable for your needs. This is why CRE Lease Matrix is the best lease management software India since it can notify you by tracking critical dates and track the important clauses embedded in a lease portfolio. This facilitates your business to make better-informed decisions at a moment’s notice.


The bigger the business, the more the leases that has to be managed. You need a comprehensive lease management system that can help you declutter your CRE information by storing all your leases under a single roof. With CRE Lease Matrix, you can generate and add as many properties/leases as you want and manage them all under one centralized platform. 


It is possible to streamline all your leases better if your data is completely accurate and authentic. With inaccurate data, you would face serious financial consequences. Thanks to CRE Lease Matrix, the lease data that is abstracted from lease documents are monitored for data accuracy with the help of the maker checker approach. 

In a nutshell, these are some of the ways industries can use digitization to help declutter your CRE information. CRE Lease Matrix is India’s finest lease management system and can prove to be a major tool to grow your businesses. 

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