The world has been grappling with a deadly pandemic for the last two years. It had brought many industries and sectors to a standstill. But since last year, businesses are slowly picking up and have showcased a return to normalcy, with essential occupiers returning to the office. 

According to the India Office Report from CRE Matrix, it is observed that there has been a rise in the demand for office leasing, an increase in office stock, stabilization of office vacancy, a surge in rentals, and sustained job growth in the startup space. 

Even though a complete ‘Return to Office’ was not attained, there were notable strides that were taken. Since digitization has been adopted across all sectors along with the rise in vaccination numbers, there is immense hope that office demand in 2022 will move back to pre-Covid levels. 

The India Office Report showed that office leasing in India witnessed an incredible recovery. The last quarter of 2021 observed 12.1 msf of office demand. On a yearly basis, the demand surged to 30% when compared to 2020. This makes it even more crucial for office occupiers to have robust lease management software such as CRE Lease Matrix that can manage the complete lease portfolio effectively. 

Here are a couple of ways CRE Lease Matrix can benefit office occupiers:

Digital Documentation Library 

Digitization is the order of the day. Storing your leasing data in numerous spreadsheets, files and folders will create too much confusion. Not to mention, it would be time-consuming to find the one you’re seeking. With a strong lease management system, office occupiers need not waste their time saving essential lease documents in common/shared network folders or in separate file maintenance software. You can store all your essential lease data in one place so retrieval and access are pretty easy. 


With the recovering economy, more and more occupiers are returning to the office. This has made it even more essential for effective lease management. With the help of CRE Lease Matrix, you can create and add as many properties and/or leases as you want and manage them all efficiently in one centralized platform. This is why it is the best leasing solution for office occupiers

Benchmarks your Performance 

If an office occupier wants to measure their performance against others in the market, they can do it with the help of a superior lease administration platform India such as CRE Lease Matrix. It will allow you to gauge your standing and will help you to make improved decisions to better your business. 

Data Analytics and Accuracy 

It is extremely important that the lease data that is collected is accurate and authentic. Usually, the common practice is to use spreadsheets to manage leasing data but it leaves room for human error. Thanks to user-friendly and easy lease management software, the data is not only transparent and authentic but also accurate. It is quite simple to navigate and makes use of the maker-checker approach for data accuracy. 

To sum up, CRE Lease Matrix is the most suitable lease management platform for office occupiers since it lets you manage your assets/lease and operations with proper data and analytics in just a few clicks. 

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