According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI),the banking industry is adequately capitalized and regulated. Credit, market, and liquidity risk studies propose that Indian banks are typically tough and have survived the global recession well. As per the banking industry report, bank assets across sectors have risen, from 2018 to 2021. The total sum of assets across the banking industry (including public and private sector banks) has surged to US$ 2.48 trillion in FY21.

A bank generally has numerous branches across the country and sometimes even the world. Leasing managers in well-known banks have to manage several leases across branches, making the job incredibly challenging and daunting. This is where a robust lease administration system such as CRE Lease Matrix comes into the picture. With its help, banks can manage thousands of leases simultaneously and not leave room for any error.

Let us take a look into how a lease management system can effectively help banks:

Managing Several Leases of Bank Branches Efficiently 

It is no secret that leasing managers of banks have one of the toughest jobs as they have to successfully manage leasing contracts of several branches all over the world. All the agreements are probably stored in different spreadsheets, files, or folders. This will lead to some kind of error at some point which might prove to be costly to the bank. 

But with a robust lease administration platform India like CRE Lease Matrix, it is possible to successfully manage leases of multiple bank branches at the same time as the software allows you to input hundreds of lease data under one roof. In this way, banks can successfully close more lease agreements and expand their business. 

Accuracy of Data 

When leases are managed by spreadsheets, there is room for human error. But with the help of the CRE Lease Matrix platform, the data is not only authentic but also accurate. Crucial lease documents such as commercial approvals, letter of intent, term sheet agreements & addendums are amassed from the client either in hard copies or in digital format. 

Then, these documents are indexed for quicker access and retrieval. Significant lease data from the indexed documents are then abstracted into the lease management platform. To ensure data accuracy, the software uses the maker-checker approach. 

Assess Data through Reports

Why is CRE Lease Matrix the best lease management software for banks? The bankers would benefit from using this platform since it allows you to review and evaluate the abstracted lease data since the predefined set of reports is integrated into the system. Many filter selections and user success mapping facilitate you to access and analyze categorized lease data. 

Data Exploration with Simulation & Alerts

The abstracted lease data will help banks to explore crucial metrics such As important dates, escalations, KPIs, portfolio summaries, and so on more smoothly and without having to scroll through a lot. If you wish to keep a watch on important aspects, it can happen with periodic alerts. 

CRE Lease Matrix is truly the leasing solution for bank branches since forecasts and budgeting of lease expenses/revenues are now very simple thanks to pre-built formats that help to dodge functioning in silos and have centralized reference source. 

In a nutshell, CRE Lease Matrix can aid bankers to track deals, collaborating better with clients, and generating more lease agreements.

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