CRE Lease Matrix powered by CRE Matrix is India’s most evolved and reputed Lease Administration Platform. It is a planned, strategic, time-defined, and scientific approach tool that helps to mitigate the use of spreadsheets and make you switch to the digital platform being the one-stop shop for all your lease management work.

The platform is being extensively used by various professionals such as landlords, real estate developers, retailers, bankers, and hospitality domain professionals amongst others in the business of leasing or occupying business spaces. The well-crafted and strategic platform is designed to have the finest user interface and user-experience system making lease administration quite simplified for its users.

Let us enlighten you on the steps to use CRE Lease Matrix System below:

Create a Portfolio Category:

The first and foremost step to using India’s finest Lease Management System is to create a digital portfolio category on the platform depending on your business domain which can vary from a retail shop, warehouse, bank, restaurant, or others. This step also involves creating the type of property for which you have signed up for the lease management system. You need to be a landlord or the occupier to use the platform.

Fill Up Property Details:

The second step involves filling up the property details such as city, location of the property, carpet and built-up area, complete address, names of lessor and lessee, PAN number, TAN number, and all the required details for the leasing software system to work smoothly and efficiently.

Add Lease Terms:

The next step comprises adding the terms of the lease covering the details such as lease amount, security deposit, revenue share, if applicable to the lease, fit-out details, lease start, and end date, common area maintenance deposit, electricity meter deposit, and other such required details.

Add Clauses:

This step comprises incorporating the clauses such as the security clause, legal clause, and all the other commercial clauses that are mandatory for all the parties involved to manage and administer the lease.

Upload Documents:

CRE Lease Matrix Platform, the best lease management platform also provides the system to upload all the lease-related documents such as lease deed, LOI, AOI, and invoices amongst others that can be viewed by all the parties involved.

Set-up Alerts:

This is a strategic and one of the most important steps when using the CRE lease management system. You can step alters for the lock-in period, raise the invoice date, payment collection or payment reminders, rent escalation alert, and more amongst others. It helps you not to miss the important dates and milestones of the lease making you stay right on time, always.

As we have now discussed all the major steps in detail on how to use the CRE Lease Matrix Platform, it is time for you to make optimum and efficient use of the same to manage all of your leases.

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